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Flue Facts - True or False??


True Facts..

  •   There were 83,837 laboratory confirmed cases of Influenza, with 21,606 of those being in Queensland in 2016.. TRUE!
  •    The Flu is responsible for more than 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP Visits on average per year.. TRUE!
  •   Nearly 1 in every 4 people will contract the Flu Virus each year.. TRUE!
  • Workplaces that immunise their employees for Influenza each year see a reduction of 43% in sick days.. TRUE
  • Influenza infection occurs rapidly in the workplace.. TRUE!


 False Facts..

  • The Flu vaccine doesn't work .. FALSE! Studies have shown that the Influenza Immunisation can be up to 85% effective in preventing Influenza contraction.
  •  Healthy people do not get the flu.. FALSE! Anyone and everyone can contract the flu! Those who are elderly or those that have chronic health problems are more likely to suffer worse symptoms than that of a person that is healthier.
  • Vaccination gives you the .. FALSE!  Influenza vaccinations do not contain the live virus. Some people can experience mild irritation at the site of the injections or even be lethargic post immunisation but this is generally short lived!
  • Immunisations take immediate effect.. FALSE! On average it normally takes 2 weeks to build up immunity after the immunisation. That's why it's better to get in and get it done early!



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