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Hepatitis A & B

Hepatitis A & B are some of the most common infectious diseases in the world both viruses affect the liver and can make the host severely ill. Contrary to popular belief the viruses are not related and are transferred in two very different ways.

Hepatitis A:

Hep A is mainly transferred by the facial /oral route. Pathways of infection include swimming in water contaminated by sewerage & contaminated food or drink.

Symptoms of Hep A normally don't present until about 3-6 weeks after contact and can include any of the following;

-       Nausea

-       Fever

-       Aches & pains

Hepatitis B

Hep B can be transferred through direct contact with blood or other body fluids from a person who already has the virus. Some symptoms of Hep B include

-       Jaundice

-       Loss of appetite

-       Fever

-       Fatigue

-       Headaches

-       Nausea and vomiting

The infection can last for any amount of time depending on how well the body can fight the infection. Those infected then become "carriers" of the virus.

Who is at risk??

Immunisation to protect against both viruses is simple. Some people have an increased risk of encountering these viruses, for example;

-       Health care workers

-       People in contact with a person who already has the virus

-       Staff or residents of institutions for the intellectually disabled persons

-       People traveling to areas where incidences of the virus are more common.

-       People traveling to developing countries.


Hep A & B Immunisation

Hep A & B Immunisation can be administered individually or together depending on what is required. CQMWI currently offer the following Hep A & B immunisations;


-       Twinrix (Hep A & B) - 3 administrations (first - 0 months, second - after 1 month, third - after 6 months)

-       Havrix (Hep A) - 2 administrations (first - 0 months, second- 6-12 months after first)

-       Energix B (Hep B) - 3 administration (first - 0 months, second after 1 month, third - after 6 months)


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