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Do you need your workplace to hum? Can you afford to have employees away from the workplace? Do you believe in a workplace culture of optimizing health for all will bring you greater productivity and increase profit? Well... we are on the same page! To help keep your workplace working, invest in influenza immunisation.

Why vaccinate your workers?

  • Influenza is a highly contagious disease and potentially life threatening for some groups of individuals, easily spread through coughing and sneezing;
  • It is caused by a virus - IT IS NOT THE SAME AS A COLD;
  • Each winter one in four employees will become infected with influenza;
  • In 2011 there were 25,092 cases of confirmed influenza in Australia;
  • In Australia it causes approximately 2,500 deaths, 300,000 GP visits and 18,000 hospitalisations per year;
  • Individuals with chronic health problems are 40 times more likely to increase their risk of serious complications associated with influenza - if the chronic health problem is a heart / lung condition, the risk is increased 800 fold!
  • 10% of all workplace absenteeism associated with illness, is related to influenza!
  • So do the math: a workplace with 45 employees will generally have an average wages expense of $3.5m annually, and average sick leave accrual taken at $58,000 annually. 10% of this is attributed to Influenza equating to $5,800.00. The cost of vaccinating your employees = $1,485.00 resulting in a direct wages saving of $4,315.00 (a saving of on average - $95.88 per employee); this does not include those costs more difficult to quantify such as error rates, staff morale, service disruption etc.;
  • Those individuals, who present to work whilst ill with influenza, have reduced reaction response time by 20-40%, this could result in injury or significant error, which could cause significant expense to the company;
  • Vaccination has been demonstrated as being 90% effective in preventing influenza in healthy people.

Well, now... annual Flu vaccination does sound like a good preventative health measure!

Yes - but why in the workplace?

  • Vaccination compliance is greater with this convenient approach - greater compliance leads to more vaccinated individuals, hence less viral shedding;
  • Less employee absence in attempting to meet Doctors appointments (generally inconvenient business hours) for individuals who want to be immunised;
  • Workplace immunisation programs are a cheaper option for your employee - costs of vaccination are reduced significantly when doctor's consultation fees are not included. If you do not want to bear this expense, you may choose to negotiate with your staff to payroll deduct this for them, or 'share-care' the expense;
  • Your workplace is demonstrating proactive Workplace Health & Safety, a commitment that is well regarded by your employees and your customers;
  • Workplace absenteeism is reduced significantly, resulting in an actual dollar saving for the employer. This in no way minimises the positive implications of the flow on effect to other employees and customers when a full complement of staff are available - improved morale, improved customer service, improved team performance.

When should my employees get the Flu shot?

Medical authorities recommend influenza vaccination should take place between March and June each year.

Need to know more? Just ask. We're here to help you.

Register your interest in receiving more in receiving more information from the CQ Mobile Workplace Immunisation Co-ordinator, allow us to discuss your workplace specifics and tailor a program to meet your workplace needs.


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