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So your employer has raised the idea of an immunisation program within your workplace, a flu shot, whooping cough immunisation, hepatitis immunisation and so on. THAT is a win-win for all! By investing in a proactive campaign to minimise illness in your workplace, your employer is supporting best practice in assisting you to good health and well being, and reducing loss and costs associated with staff absenteeism and error. This protects your health and your family's health for work and play. Just think could you afford the flu? Getting the 'flu' could mean spending up to a week off work, you could give it to your children and need more time off work, you could give it to your colleague and have to cover them in there absence.

Research indicates that healthy working adults that are vaccinated experience up to half the number of sick days and doctors visits compared to unvaccinated co-workers. Work performance whilst suffering flu symptoms has been described as feeling like you'd consumed alcohol - foggy and unfocused.

In deciding to utilise CQ Mobile Workplace Immunisation, your workplace has made a wise decision in investing in the health and wellbeing of the company. Let us answer some questions that you may have in going forward.

  • The basics on influenza: influenza is caused by influenza viruses and the most effective means of preventing this is vaccination. Flu symptoms can be from mild to severe, but in severe cases may cause pneumonia or even death. The Flu is spread from person to person through coughing and sneezing. You can even be contagious with the flu for one to two days before you show symptoms, which may cause you to make your family and co-workers unwell.
  • H1N1: the 'Swine Flu' is a component of the 2012 influenza programs. Even if you have had the H1N1 vaccine previously, you can be re vaccinated as there is protection from other strains of influenza virus in the flu vaccine this year.
  • How effective is the vaccine? According to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), the vaccine is 90% effective in preventing influenza.
  • Does it work immediately? Generally it takes - 2 weeks after the vaccination to provide the level of cover required to prevent infection from the flu. It is important that the vaccine is given prior to the commencement of the flu season to be most effective.
  • How long does it last? Influenza immunisation is effective for the 12 month period that it was administered in, from one season to the commencement of the next season.
  • What if our workplace had this vaccination last year - is it still working for us? Each year there are different strains of virus; each year the vaccine is produced to ensure that the new strains are accounted for. Vaccination against influenza is recommended every year, for anyone wanting to lower their chance of getting influenza.
  • Does the vaccine give us the flu? No, the influenza vaccine is not a 'live' virus and cannot give you the flu, it helps the body build up antibodies against the influenza virus in order to enable your body to recognise the virus and quickly destroy it.
  • Will we feel unwell after the influenza vaccination? A few individuals may experience some mild side effects, such as local irritation of the injection site and mild malaise for a day or two after the injection, but you will not get the flu from the flu shot.
  • Would pregnant members of our team be able to be vaccinated? It is generally recommended as safe for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester to have the influenza vaccination. It is also recommended for women in their first trimester when the Flu season falls in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. If there is a concern, the employee should consult their doctor.
  • Can everybody have the influenza vaccine? People who demonstrate allergies to egg protein, and some antibiotics or a previous anaphylactic reaction to fluvax injection cannot have this vaccine. Also individuals who have a febrile condition (temperature) at the time of vaccination are advised to wait until they are well. All team members will need to read and complete the consent form prior to undergoing vaccination, and can ask the Registered Nurse administering the vaccine any questions that they may have.
  • Is CQ Mobile Workplace Immunisation experienced at this? CQ Mobile Workplace Immunisation, as a division of CQ Nurse, has been successfully providing Immunisation Programs Nurses to deliver various programs based upon best practice, Australia wide. CQ Nurse is certified through the ISO 9001 Delivery Standard, storming through our certification. CQ Nurse holds a Queensland Health Certification as an Immunisation Provider - Certification Number EH-ATH-3769. CQ Nurse has developed a Health Management Protocol that encompasses collaboration with Dr John Hadok, a well known and well respected local doctor with over 20 years in emergency care work. Dr Hadok is available to the CQ Mobile Workplace Immunisation Program in the event of any untoward event.

Want to know more?

If you have any other queries, questions or requirements, please contact our CQ Mobile Workplace Immunisation Co-ordinator for more information.


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